Timeless Appeal of Fairy Tales | Online Lecture Series

Benefiting: FreedomProject
Oct 30
Hosted by:FreedomProject
October 30, 2017 at 7:00pm to

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FreedomProject is proud to debut a brand new family lecture series by Dr. Duke Pesta entitled, The Timeless Appeal of Fairy Tales.



  • Oct. 30 (7–8pm CT)  |  Part I: Origins and Inspirations
  • Nov. 6 (7–8pm CT)   |  Part II: History and Evolution
  • Nov. 13 (7–8pm CT)  |  Part III: The Light Princess and Fairy Tale Convention
  • Nov. 20 (7–8pm CT)  |  Part IV: The Light Princess and Christian Revelation



  • Part I explains the origins of classic fairy tales across Western culture. What fundamental values and lessons do all fairy tales teach? We explain how fairy tales are meant for adults more than for children. 


  • Part II considers theoretical approaches to the fairy tale. Citing a number of famous authors—including MacDonald, Chesterton, Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis—the moral, philosophical, and theological aspects of fairy tales are revealed.


  • Part III offers a careful reading of the first part of an archetypal fairy tale, George MacDonald’s The Light Princess. Theory gives way to practice, as we encounter the work of a master of the fairy tale genre.


  • Part IV concludes the series with part two of The Light Princess, showing how Christian ideas (and ideals) form the nucleus of the classic fairy tale.



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  • All presentations are streamed live online to be viewed on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.  A recording of each lecture will be made available online following each broadcast.